Grand Garden

Dr. Dundiff - Frenemies With Benefits (Cassette + "Plantable Seed Paper" DL Card)


Grand Garden’s first release of 2015 is from Louisville, KY native Dr. Dundiff. This is Dr. Dundiff’s first solo physical release and features some of the most promising producers in the mix.

Recently featured on the cover of Blackjaw magazine, sponsored by Native Clothing and laying down the mix for episode 23 of Beat Cinema, Dundiff has been a busy producer.

We all have friends and enemies and sometimes in life we learn they can come with benefits. This tape takes us on a trip down the relationship rabbit hole. Videos from Sick Kid Productions, artwork from JohnMoProductions, and mastered by LoFidel -- this is a bountiful harvest from Grand Garden.


Bruthery Luv w/ Harris Cole

Throw it up

streetstrutt w/ Chaos Kid

Anuthagroove w/ rxn



Aurora w/l feat. K.Raydio

bubblebath w/ Karavelo


Frenemies with Benefits

Ride (4two)

Wherever WeGo

Do You w/ Amin Payne


Crowns feat. K.Raydio


Gas Pedal Remix w/ Howie Wonder


Orange Flower w/ Brock Berrigan

Stick Around w/ Ian Ewing

Sum1 like U

Waltz @ 710 w/ LoFidel