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Elysia Crampton - Moth/Lake (7")
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Record Label: Boomkat Editions

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Vinyl debut of Elysia Crampton, inaugurating her Shenandoah series, which breaks from her sample-rich arrangements to explore "Virginian American history and brownness beyond culture, as geology -- as mud, dirt, and mineral."

"Moth," written for and featuring the compelling vocal of Money Allah, pays tribute to legendary African-American comedians Stepin Fetchit and Bert Williams against a backdrop of vaporous synths and strings that recalls TCF and Arca.

"Lake," Crampton's version of a Bolivian Saya, references John Bunyan's 17th-century Christian allegory The Pilgrim's Progress and incorporates field recordings from a railroad path near Virginia's Shenandoah Mountain.

Wraparound artwork. Edition of 300. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.