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Endon - Boy Meets Girl (LP - Raspberry Vinyl + Download Code)

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Boy Meets Girl was envisioned as a soundtrack to an imagined horror film about love. The core of the ensembles song structures are often built around Kokis fuzz-laden guitar and Shins drum bombast which propel torrents of hisses and squelches from Taro and Etsuo. Taichis largely lyricless screams, moans, and whimpers are potent messengers of the songs emotional heft. There lies an ecstatic, excited energy amidst the anarchic defiance ENDONs music exudes. Born of the same Japanese scenes that gave rise to the likes of Merzbow and Boredoms, their sound is equally diverse and abrasive. Boy Meets Girl demonstrates ENDONs singular faculty to produce music that is at once tortured and transcendent.

Boy Meets Girl

Heart Shaped Brain

Born Again

Doubts As a Source

Love Amnesia

Final Acting Out

Red Shoes

Not for You