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Exploded Drawing - Crew (7")

Ships In 3-5 days

Hand-stamped limited 45 on green wax from this crew of producers out of Austin, TX. Comes with an Exploded Records sticker. This record contains a song from each of the key members of Exploded Drawing. Co-creators, soundfounder and Sampler & Son aka Butcher Bear, along with Kinder and Lo Phi (his track features SelfSays from Detroit and Austin’s Yadira Brown on vocals).

Exploded Drawing is a 4 year old crew from Austin, TX. They’ve been setting up shows and a bi-monthly DIY event by the same name. They have also hosted the likes of: Jonwayne, House Shoes, Black Milk, Jeremiah Jae, Elliot Lipp, Sir Froderick, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Computer Jay, Jonti, Zavala, Sorne, AADM OUR HATLEY, Amp Live, DAKIM.

This 45 marks the first split-release between (iN)Sect Records and the newly-minted, Exploded Records, their new label out of Austin.

soundfounder - “Name Dropping Science”

Kinder - “Bells”

Lo Phi - “Pool Side” ft. SelfSays and Yadira Brown

Sampler & Son - “Somethin’s Always Right About Home”