Track List

Escape Into The Bushes

Mum's Caress After Trip

Tantrum Time

Blissfull Cubby House

Useless Treasure

Under The House Hard To Breathe

Hide Before Dinner

F ingers - Hide Before Dinner (LP)
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Record Label: Blackest Ever Black

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Deeply drugged, synth-daubed death-folk and DIY electronics of the highest order: acutely psychedelic, inscrutable but emotional, sunken but prone to soaring, with flashes of horror too. Beautifully conjures the mirth and murk of childhood summers…a relatable surburban gothic…grazed knees, hide-and-seek, nettle-stings. Trampled flowerbeds and failing light. Ghouls in your neighbour’s garden. Think Nico meets Dome or Alison Statton wandering The Pickle Factory after dark.

If you dream you die, you die.