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Sunshine (Instrumental)

Roc Raida

Trinity - Sunshine (produced by J. Dilla) (7" - Clear Vinyl)
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Record Label: Fat Beats Records

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Featuring vocals by Janelle Collins and lyrics by Sadat X and A.G., "Sunshine" is an uplifting track that looks at the good things this life has to offer with lyrics: "All afternoon I'm great, This feeling is hard to duplicate", "I'm around people that prosper, Real general meet to confer", "now I know there's a light in my life far greater than a husband or wife"

The first official release from The Trinity Project, the single features production from James DeWitt Yancey aka J Dilla- the late legendary Detroit musician. The Jay Dee instrumental was purchased from the J Dilla Foundation and was being saved for a special project. According to DJ Jab, The Trinity Project was it.

"I'm excited about this track as it features a J Dilla beat and he is the biggest producer on the record. The clear 7" also includes a tribute track to Grandmaster Roc Raida who is another Hip-Hop legend that I had the honor of working with at Fat Beats. For authentic Hip-Hop heads there is nothing else like it... Dilla on one side of the vinyl and Raida on the other by incorporating "Beats for Jugglers" for the tribute.

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The attention to Hip-Hop details are represented through out, from well thought-out lyrics, fat beats all the way down to the associated 7" artwork. DJ Jab collaborated with Philadelphia artist, Mike Scott Whitson (who has also worked with Reef The Lost Cauze) in putting together the inspired imagery for the first official release as well as the entire album. "I went down to Philly, met with Mike, played the album and spoke about the concept (a positive, lyrically driven album for mature Hip-Hop heads). He said that he normally does darker pictures but took on The Trinity Project because he wanted to be challenged. If you look at the artwork for 'Sunshine' it is me, Sadat X, A.G. and our families also the singer (Janelle Collins) who did the vocals on it."