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LA four-piece Fidlar (Fuck It Dog, Life's a Risk) is Zac Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Brandon Schwartzel, and Max Kuehn. Elvis and Zac met a Kingsize Soundlabs in LA and recorded a ton of demos with the band before playing a live show. Their first show was on a FMLY bike ride at a skatepark in Culver City. Three years later the band has played with Black Lips, OFF!, Japanther and toured with The Hives and Delta Spirit. They've released two EPs and toured Europe.

Listening to them, you can tell that the band did their homework on punk rock and seem dead set on inflicting lessons on anyone willing to listen. Any given song will give you a Germs influenced guitar solo, the catchy "Ooo's" and "Ah's" of The Misfits, and lyrics in the same family as Black Flag's "Six Pack" and "TV Party." By the same token they can just as easily be compared to any of the bands they cover (Blink 182, FEAR, CCR, Warren Zevon), yet it all comes across entirely their own: surfier, faster, more fuzzed out, more personal and a lot more drunk!

All readily apparent on this, their self-titled debut album on Mom + Pop Records. The album was recorded and produced by the band in LA and then mixed by Rob Schnapf (Elliot Smith, Beck, Guided By Voices etc) and is 14 slices of insanely catchy and tuneful punk rock. Vinyl includes audio download.

Cheap Beer

Stoked & Broke

White on White

No Waves


Max Can’t Surf

Black Out Stout

Wake Bake Skate

Gimme Something

Five to Nine



Wait for the Man