Ample Soul

Five Deez - Slow Children Playing (2xLP)

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"SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING" is the prequel to the FIVE DEEZ groundbreaking hip hop album "KOOLMOTOR". It focuses on recordings from 1993-98 and allows you to get a very clear sense of how the DEEZ evolved as members came, went and grew together. Produced by FAT JON.

Cerebral Attax

Nek Shit


Sunny Day

Collision (Interlude)

Disgust (Ver. 2.0)


Peace Out (Interlude)

Rip Mode

Gateway 2000

Fivebluntwenties (Interlude)

2 All Beginners

Dimensional Portals

Tite Spots (Interlude)

What Happens (Remix)

Timeline (Ver. 3.0)