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Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on (Mutant Academy) - Chapel Drive (LP - Blue Vinyl)


First full length album from your favorite duo Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on. First project in existence to include every Mutant Academy member all on one project.

“We started on this album a year ago and the timing of the release couldn’t be better. Remember to think for yourself and mind your fucking business, this world is bigger than all of us, enjoy the music.”

Lxcvlsxnly 2

03 Steve Harvey (Remix)

Saturday Morning (Skit)


Vag Manifesto

Mutant Vengeance

Foiseys Interlood

Memory Foam


Swanton Bomb

Bstfrnds Interlood

Room Temp Aqua

Magnavox Vision


When Thugs Cry

Funeral Music (A New Day)

Huarache Ultras