Track List

Soul Louis Intro (Pat 313 PSA)

Detroit Gospel

Loss & Regret

Sadness & Melancholy

In Love

Behold The New Day

Hello & Goodbye

Spirit Of ‘67

The First Day Of Summer

Cold Fact

High Noon

For The Whole World To See...

Resurrection Of The Funk Bros

Blue Collar Blues

Corktown Shake Down

Fade Away

Strength & Perseverance

Bare My Soul

Loneliness & Isolation

The Last Heartbreak

Foul Mouth - Soul Louis (Cassette)
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Record Label: Producers I Know

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This is the earth-shattering new beat tape from Producers I Know’s new recruit Foul Mouth. “Soul Louis” was made to both commemorate and acknowledge the soul and resiliency of the Motor City as well as celebrate its rich musical history. After pressing play on this cassette and taking this 20 beat 44 minute aural expedition there’s no chance of the name Foul Mouth fading away from your memories afterwards. DON’T SLEEP!