Track List

Glue Of The World

Twenty Three

Harmony One


Leila Came Round And We Watched a Video


Everything Is Alright

No More Mosiquitoes


You Could Ruin My Day

Hilarious Movie Of The 90’s

Four Tet - Pause (LP)
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Record Label: Domino Records

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Four Tet’s now classic album of the electronic genre, Pause (2001) isavailable again on gorgeously rich vinyl.

Originally created as a side-project from his group Fridge, Kieran Hebden's solo work as Four Tet has explored cutting edge electronica using source material from jazz, folk and field recordings. His 2001 effort, Pause, explicitly borrows from the rich sonic firmament of '70s acoustic-based, instrumental music.

Applying a dizzying array sample-driven manipulations and other DSP processes, Hebden utilizes his computer, not so much as an editing tool, but an improvisational instrument in its own right, summoning improbable electro-acoustic textures that appear to live and breathe in the same auditory space.