Track List

Question - 'Autumn'

Freddie Joachim - 'A Maze'

Question - 'Earl Grey'

Freddie Joachim - 'Calm'

Question - 'Conte'

Freddie Joachim - 'Cool Down'

Question - 'Deedsy'

Freddie Joachim - 'Foolish'

Question - 'Sun Light'

Freddie Joachim - 'Shoulder Kiss'

Question - 'Rainy Day'

Freddie Joachim - 'Virgo'

Question - 'Spiked Punch'

Freddie Joachim - 'The Jade'

Question - 'Thanks Chuck'

Freddie Joachim & Question - 'My Breakdown Lady'

Freddie Joachim - 'Sun Kiss (Bonus Track)'

Freddie Joachim & Question - Study Guide (LP)
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Record Label: Vinyl Digital

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This collaborative project started as a conversation between two like-minded individuals, QSTN and Freddie Joachim. They call it, "STUDY GUIDE: An instrumental look at scholastic development." The concept was simple; both artists possessed a distinct sound with an emphasis on jazz. The end result is a compilation that walks you through one of the most progressive musical art forms. Both artists have been spinning hip hop and jazz plus other genres since the 1990s.