Track List

Always feat. Ivan Ave, Koreatown Oddity & MED

Mellow Madness

Fade Away feat. Nanna B

Get Up

Cold feat MoRuf, MoShadee, & Ivan Ave

Space Carnival feat. Mndsgn & Chester Watson

Takin' Mine

Some Things Don't Change

Untitled feat. Maxo

Slow Motion feat. Blu November, Zae The Philosopher & Ivan Ave

Magia feat. Chester Watson

Fakin' Jax

Any Less feat. Dialate

Move Forward

Fruitful Remix feat. Ivan Ave, Fresh Daily, & Juju Rogers


Fredfades - Warmth (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: KingUnderground Records

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"Fredfades is a Norwegian producer specializing in the uncut RAW hip-hop. Here’s his debut solo album, “Warmth”.

In 2013 he dropped a classic with Ivan Ave called Breathe on KingUnderground Records. Warmth is his debut solo album following a long line of singles, collaborative albums, cassettes and load of independently released projects. The album has 16 tracks made from jazz, soul and boogie samples with gritty drums and a dash of synth stabs, mixed by Fred and mastered at Strype Audio in Oslo by Christian Obermayer. The title track Warmth is the last track on the album and was sampled from a live recording off one of Fred’s favorite jazz records that is always on heavy rotation at the crib. Guests at the table include MED (Stones Throw), Mndsgn (Stones Throw), Ivan Ave, (Jakarta), MoRuf, Koreatown Oddity (Stones Throw), Chester Watson and more. "