Track List

The Authentic Quarter Intro



Slick But No Cigar (featuring ESP The Overseer)

The Jazz Quarter Intro

Levitate (Like Magic)

Gave Me My Freedom

The Anomaly (featuring Sanchita Farruque)

The Soul Quarter Intro

I Am Here

Parental Advisory

You By The Power Of You (featuring Lei-an)

The New Age Quarter Intro

Zero Savoir Fair (featuring Dukus Alemay)

Hello Beauty (featuring Sus Bully & Aisha Sheerena)

Last Page (featuring Lei-an)

The 4th Quarter 2 Outro

Funky DL - Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2 (CD)
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Record Label: Washington Classics

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Release Date: 6/02/17
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The double-threat Producer and MC from East London 'Funky DL' returns with his latest album effort "AUTONOMY: The 4th Quarter 2".

The album comprises of the Authentic, Jazz, Soul and New Age quarters; divided up into three songs per segment, each reflecting a different style and sound.

Be prepared for a powerful and insightful journey into the heart and mind of DL’s prolific audio wizardry and the lyrical “food for thought” this album intends to deliver to each and every listener...