Track List

Fall In Love

Get Dis Money

Climax (Girl Sh**)

Untitled / Fantastic

Stakes Is High

Look Of Love

Sky Is Falling

Slow Down

Lady Brown

Luv Sic Pt II

Don't Even Try It

Luv Sic Pt III

Funky DL - February: A Rest In Beats Tribute To The Sounds Of J Dilla & Nujabes (CD)
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Record Label: Washington Classics

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Funky DL pays tribute to the legendary hip-hop sounds of J Dilla and Nujabes by recreating their famous songs on this fantastic album entitled... "February: A Rest In Beats Tribute To The Sounds of J Dilla & Nujabes".

Working tiresomely in the studio, DL with assistance from some of his musical pals crafted a full studio album paying homage to and celebrating the creative ideas originally brought to hip-hop by both the late James 'J Dilla' Yancey and Sebajun 'Nujabes' Yamada.

However, DL veers away from intense sampling, avoiding the same breaks as used by Dilla & Nujabes - to bring this fabulously musical, creative and jazzy tribute album.

DL felt it fitting for the album to be named February, being that (coincidently) these two hip-hop legends were both born on February 7th 1974, and sadly passed away in February 2006 and February 2010 respectively.

As Funky DL's intention was to capture the essence and soulful connection of what they 'both' brought to music lovers around the world, DL carefully hand- selected each track from the catalogues of these two legends and crafted as elegant of a representation as he could to showcase a further progression into the wealth of ideas from Dilla and Nujabes; but taking them that one step further and going beyond the usual restrictions of using only the contents of original samples.

This album is certain to bring back the nostalgia of the classics that each track was born from, as well as offering an entirely new audio perspective. The fans of both J Dilla and Nujabes will be pleasantly surprised.