G-Eazy - These Things Happen (2xLP)


Dubbed the "James Dean of Hip-Hop," G-Eazy is an Oakland, California rapper, songwriter and producer who issued his independent albums The Epidemic LP in 2009 and Must Be Nice in 2012. Billboard describes G-Eazy as having a "retro sound remixed in a dazzling, original way" while Pigeons & Planes hails that "G-Eazy has built a movement and has put himself in the position to compete with rap's biggest names."

His label debut, These Things Happen, will be released on Blueprint Records and features previously unveiled fan favorites “Almost Famous,” "Far Alone" and "Been On" and boasts guest appearances and production assistance from such artists as A$AP Ferg, E-40, Jay Ant, Remo, Danny Seth, John Michael Rouchell, Devon, Anthony Stewart and Blackbear.

“The record’s about a strange, surreal window of time where the best bad decisions get made,” says G-Eazy. “The narrative...captures that energy of being young, living fast, in the moment and chasing whatever it is you want.”

These Things Happen (Produced by Blackbear)

Far Alone ft. E-40 & Jay Ant (Produced by Jay Ant)

I Mean It ft. Remo (Produced by Remo & Christoph Andersson)

Interlude (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Opportunity Cost (Produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett)

Almost Famous (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Lotta That ft. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth (Produced by Christoph Andersson & G-Eazy)

Factory Girl (Skit)

Downtown Love ft. John Michael Rouchell (Produced by G-Eazy)

Complete (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Let’s Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwin (Produced by G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson)

Shoot Me Down ft. Anthony Stewart (Produced by G-Eazy)

Been On (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Remember You ft. Blackbear (Produced by Blackbear)

Tumblr Girls (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Just Believe (Produced by Christoph Andersson)