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Gaby Hernandez - Spirit Reflection (2xLP)


Out for distribution for the first time, the original private press copies of Gaby Hernandez’s Spirit Reflection. Once sold exclusively at shows on the L.A. Jazz scene circuit, this limited pressing also contains the instrumental LP, featuring LA heavyweights Kamasi Washington, Dexter Story, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Gifted & Blessed, Carlos Niño & more!

Born, raised and based in Los Angeles, California, singer, lyricist, and musician Gaby Hernandez has been writing and recording since 2001. Hernandez was a founding member of the Creative Soul Music Ensemble Build An Ark, and performed live and in the studio with them for their 10 year run. She made major contributions to Ammoncontact’s Ninja Tune releases New Birth (2005) and With Voices (2006) and The Life Force Trio’s Plug Research release Living Room (2006). She was the vocalist on Swiss Producer Dimlite’s “Outernational Duet” released as part of his highly acclaimed Sonar Kollektiv project This Is Embracing (2006) as well as being the only vocalist on Teebs’ debut Brainfeeder release Ardour (2010). Hernandez was invited by Mia Doi Todd to sing on the Jonathan Wilson produced song “Canto de Iemanja” which was included on Todd’s City Zen release Cosmic Ocean Ship (2011) and was featured on the Red Hot + Rio 2 compilation the same year. Among her main musical comrades is the prolific multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Dexter Story. He had Hernandez join him on “Water Bearer” for his Kindred Spirits release Seasons (2013). 

Inspiration and collaboration in glorious abundance! 

Spirit Reflection is the third full-length release of original material by Gaby Hernandez. It’s Lovers Rock and Tropical Soul featuring Dexter Story, Kamasi Washington, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, GB, Benjamin Tierney, Ammoncontact, Carlos Niño, and more! Songs for you to groove to, love to, dance to, and go deep with! Thanks to Gilles Peterson, J.Rocc, Lefto, and Toshio Matsuura for being the first DJs in the world to play it, when it was sent out digitally! Now, Analog Burners expand the project by releasing Gaby Hernandez Spirit Reflection as a 2xLP set, with Sides A & B – the vocal album, and Sides C & D – the instrumentals. A must have for all record collectors interested in the diverse Los Angeles music community! 

Messy Love

Baobob Tree

I Will Keep You

Spirit Reflection


Super Nova Lovers

Stay Awhile

Lo Mas Dulce

Into Oya

Wind Wave

Messy Love (Instrumental)

Baobob Tree (Instrumental)

I Will Keep You (Instrumental)

Spirit Reflection (Instrumental)

Entranced (Instrumental)

Super Nova Lovers (Instrumental)

Stay A While (Instrumental)

Lo Mas Dulce (Instrumental)

Into Oya (Instrumental)

Windwaves (Instrumental)