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Glass Jar

Adult Goth

Chinese High


∞ ∞

Romance Layers


∞ ∞ ∞

Thru And Thru

Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact (2xLP)
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Record Label: 4AD

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Etched D-Side. LP contains download coupon for MP3s of the entire album.

Gang Gang Dance continue their compelling musical evolution with new album "Eye Contact", the New York based group’s first full-length release since joining 4AD.

Although together in their current incarnation for a decade, Gang Gang Dance only really came to the public’s attention with the release of the EPs "Hilluah" and "Rawwar" and crucially, 2008’s genrebending long-player "Saint Dymphna". The latter in particular has come to be regarded as a landmark record in forward thinking pop circles, showcasing the group’s love of improv and experimentation and drawing inspiration from the local New York art community with which the band have close ties.

"Eye Contact" sees the new line-up subtly build upon the melodic aspects of "Saint Dymphna". The album opens with a brief speech, “I can hear everything. It’s everything time,” then segues effortlessly into the audacious eleven-minute slow-burn "Glass Jar". It’s an ambitious beginning yet it is a coherent statement of intent. Elsewhere, "Eye Contact" features a guest appearance from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, whose signature vocals take centre stage on the track ‘Romance Layers’.