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Gas-Lab - Soulful & Jazzy Beats (LP)


Argentinian producer Gas-Lab leaves nothing to the imagination with his well titled new release, Soulful & Jazzy Beats. The album delivers exactly what the title reads and I couldnt be more appreciative of the live instrumentation. Interestingly, the project is a combination of brand new joints plus tracks produced for other artists so you may have heard some of these before. Additionally, if you’re the insatiable music lover, like most of us are, grab the vinyl and get 6 more tracks to keep the good times going.

Agosto Groove

Monday Collage

I Want You (feat. Stylo Caro)

Beat for Praverb


Primavera Jazz

Seis 25

Conmemoracion (feat. Favi)

Jazz Hop


Noviembre Jazz

Obsolescencia programada


Yaphet Kotto

How Much I Love You

Winter Blues