Track List

One Twos

Run Run Run

Us Against Whatever Ever

Finished I Ain't

Longing For The Night

Yeah Pause

I Just Don't Know

Survive It


Cash And Carry Me Home

Garden Path


Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (LP)
Free Gift

Record Label: Brownswood Recordings

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Available on October 13th, 2017. 

Born and raised somewhere between London, Coventry, Nigeria and Dominica, Obaro admits that his heritage is important to him, but that it hasn’t consciously affected his musical career: “My parents enjoyed listening to music around the house but never really encouraged it as a career. I kind of pursued listening to various sounds late into the night when the house was asleep.” And as for attempting to pinpoint his tastes… it’s hard to gauge when his palette flips from Badly Drawn Boy’s ‘The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast’ (the first CD he ever bought) to the angular dynamics of the UK grime scene via Iggy Pop, Fela Kuti, Radiohead, MF Doom and Squarepusher. This was the music that captured his imagination at university, where Obaro was part of a grime collective: “One of the guys made the beats with Reason, he taught me the basics and I kind of stumbled, bumbled and fumbled my way to the present.”