Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (LP - Clear Vinyl)


Silver Eye, Goldfrapp’s seventh album, is dance music which evokes a pagan ritual rather than a club soundtrack. Cold, metallic electronics with a hot current of blood running through them. A 21st century moon dance. It weaves together the two strands of Goldfrapp’s music like never before. If 2013’s Tales of Us, a set of noirish folk fables, roamed the same pastoral landscape as Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree, then Silver Eye (a reference to the moon) belongs to the pulsing, electronic lineage of Black Cherry and Supernature only deeper and darker. Silver Eye will be released March 31, 2017.




Become The One

Faux Suede Drifter

Zodiac Black

Beast That Never Was

Everything Is Never Enough

Moon in Your Mouth