Track List

Interlude 1

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - 'Show (Gonjasufi Cover)'

Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)

African Spaceship (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

Maniac Depressant (Perera Elsewhere Remix)

When I Die (IMD Remix)

Interlude 2

The Conspiracy (Santino Romeri Remix)

Your Maker (Anna Wise Cover)

African Spaceship (Ras G Ghettoscifi Remix)

Maniac Depressant (Innsyter Remix)

Vinaigrette (Dave Parley Remix)

African Spaceship (King Britt Remix)

The Kill (Moor Mother Remix)

Toni Allen - 'Untitled (Gonjasufi Remix)'

Outro Interlude

Gonjasufi - Mandela Effect (2xLP)
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Record Label: Warp

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Release Date: 4/7/2017
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2016 saw the release of Callus, the first studio album in four years from the elusive Southern Californian rapper/singer/producer Gonjasufi.

The album proved to be a guttural experience; a rugged and edged collection built alongside a cast of local collaborators. Callus also showed that Sumach Ecks' time away from the spotlight was more reflective than anything; his candid approach and musical direction spoke directly to a new generation of artists and fans losing their sanity within contemporary society. Callus also found the producer tapping into a new reserve of creative inspiration and intention.

This newfound desire has now manifested a versatile collection of remixes, covers and original music from Gonjasufi and his people, aptly titled, Mandela Effect. 'The Mandela Effect' is a scientific concept of false memories compounding upon themselves, creating false truths. The term was coined after a collective 'misremembering' of Nelson Mandela's death in prison in the 1980's.

Mandela Effect features contributions from the likes of Shabazz Palaces, Daddy G of Massive Attack, Anna Wise, Moor Mother, Innsyter, Ras G, Perera Elsewhere and a slew of his San Diego brethren.