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Gossamer - Automaton (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Innovative Leisure Records

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Gossamer is Evan Reiner, a relatively new artist who wears his heart on his sleeve through chill electronic chopscapes. Having only released a couple of EPs so far, his first full length has emerged from Innovative Leisure, a label that are storming the musical earth with releases from BadBadNotGood, Nosaj Thing and Allah-Las.

Inspired by sci-fi gaming and Steve Reich, Automaton is a gently swaying record showcasing some imaginative sampling/recording and some very personal themes. It sounds like Reiner has sorted his life out according to the press release. Good on ya. Restrained kick drums play out hypnotic, slow grooves, joined by all sorts of shakers, hand drums, clicks and delicious plucked things and synths. It’s a palette similar to Gold Panda, but arranged closer to Four Tet, Kutmah or Contact Field Orchestra. In fact, second track ‘Print’ bears a strong rhythmical resemblance to ‘Parallel Jalebi’ by the ‘Tet. Breathy syllabic vocals join on tracks 1 and 6, backed by some brooding synths on the latter. I’ve just realised that this is actually a fantastic debut.