Canis Phylum

Grand Official - Show & Prove/The Stand (12")


Grand Official has been doing their thing for a while. They are traditional or roots Hip Hop. Banging kicks and snares created and crafted by their producer Grip. The two songs are full of amazing scratches and cuts by DJ Hallucin8 who on the song Show & Prove performs a complete 16 bar verse with nothing but scratches and quotes from dope hip hop songs. On another song called The Stand, DJ Hallucin8 once again kills it with the needle, cutting a Fat Joe quote with style. Abadose and Adlife are the MC’s, but on The Stand they bring in two other MC’s. One is Saints from the legendary and worldwide graffiti crew STP. And the other Mc is named Once. His voice is sometimes compared to Tuna Fish of Jurassic. Abadose and Adlife have recorded and performed together for a long time, and you sense their chemistry as they contrast each other perfectly with both voices and styles.

Show & Prove

Show & Prove (Instrumental)

Show & Prove (A Cappella)

The Stand

The Stand (Instrumental)

The Stand (A Capella)