Track List

Adventureland (Grand Opening)

Know The Ledge (Interlude)

Fool's Gold

Cyber Tech Suits

Street Life


Pleasant Times

Ol' Dirty Speaks (Intermission)

Ferris Wheel (feat. Dunny Cold-Facts & AJ Suede)

Army Of Kings (feat. SageInfinite)

Alright (feat. Makeda Iroquois)

Triple Zero Radio

The Man Show

Chancellor (feat. Petey Max)

Phillip Lim (Grand Closing)

Grandmilly & Shozae - Adventureland (LP)
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Record Label: Stones Throw

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MC/producer duo based out of Long Island, Grandmilly & Shozae, will release their debut full-length collaboration this summer via Stones Throw. Grandmilly (a rapper who was formerly of Raider Klan) has been quietly yet consistently putting out quality projects since 2012-- most notably an EP with Bones and a 2015 LP with SageInfinite. Shozae, a producer who is part of Long Island's Midnite Society, has been a close collaborator of Grandmilly for years.