Great Peacock - Gran Pavo Real (LP)

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Call it rock, call it alt-country, call it the blues, or call it pop - an important element of this music is its self-reflection. While the songs transform the human condition to a positive assimilation of sounds, the lyrics speak of real life and feelings with a certain lament about the destiny of it all. This is the challenge that Great Peacock accepts with songs like ‘Begging To Stay’ and ‘Hideaway’. You will hear fragments of reference for a moment, from Dispatch to Ryan Adams, but the sound always comes right back to being distinctly Great Peacock. And so we present Gran Pavo Real, the next album from Great Peacock.


One Way Ticket

Begging to Stay

Heartbreak Comin’ Down

Take Me Down

Oh Deep Water

Let’s Get Drunk Tonight


All I Really Want is You

Miss You, Honey