Track List

Pregaming The Rapture

Panorama (feat. Jake Weary)

A Grass Day

Young Lava To Impasse

Animal (feat. Jake Weary)

Shlava (feat. Shlohmo & Jonwayne)

Stealth River Mission

Gravity Hoarding (feat. Jake Weary)

One For Her

The Dig

Panorama (feat. Clive Tanaka)

Groundislava - Groundislava (LP - Translucent Red Vinyl + Bonus Translucent Gold 7" + DL Card)
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Record Label: Friends of Friends

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For Jasper Patterson, creativity combined with the video game, sci-fi sounds and general aesthetics of the 1980's have been instilled since day one. A young 20 year old hailing from Venice, California, Jasper's father both animated and directed the classic "Take On Me" video by A-Ha and while Groundislava isn't exactly the next logical step from the Norwegian new wave group, Jasper takes that same creative freedom and emotion and injects it into a sound grounded in beats, video games, technology and selfproclaimed "nerdy shit." As part of the Wedidit Collective (helmed by his old schoolmate Henry Laufer, better known as Shlohmo), Groundislava is the next representative stepping into the light and exposing a group of youngsters each with their own nonchalantly expert takes on forms of beat and electronic music.

While deeply infatuated with the styles of house music and minimal techno (check "The Dig" or "Stealth River Mission"), on his debut selftitled LP, Groundislava takes old templates of 8 bit and chip-tune styles and turns them into worlds full of oozing, swirling melodies backed by driving drum beats, heavy bass drops and soaring vocal melodies in spots from vocalist Weary.

Alongside the crop of up and coming worldwide electronic producers such as Shlohmo, Young Montana? and another former classmate Baths, Patterson is primed and ready to unleash his unique brand of woozy 8-bit composition. Whereas much music that utilizes the 8 bit sound tends to feel fully mechanized and soulless, GIL injects heartfelt harmonies and melodies that demand attention - "Final Impasse" and "One For Her" will surely make you stop in your tracks and listen up. Elsewhere, Wedidit cohorts Jon Wayne and Shlohmo stop by for the track "Shlava," with Wayne delivering super on point and off the cuff raps on top of Jasper's laid-back video game beat vibes. Another early favorite is the sinister and downtempo "Animal," featuring Weary's dark and twisted croons.

Included as digital downloads with the 12 song long-player are remixes from Young Montana? and Clive Tanaka.