Track List


Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping


When We Fall

Traveling Through A Sea

Fishing Bird (Empty Gutted In The Evening Breeze)


I'm Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

A Cover Over

Wind And Snow

Tidal Wave

We've All Gone To Sleep

Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill (LP)
Free Gift

Record Label: Kranky

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Grouper's stunning 2008 ambient classic that cemented Liz Harris as a fixture in contemporary experimental music is an album unlike any other, an essential for any fan of the genre.

The album marked a departure of sorts for Liz, which sees her turn down the fuzz boxes which caged her sound and allows her voice to ring out above everything else a bit more than before. An album steeped in the world of dream-pop - a genre pioneered by the likes of Cocteau Twins & This Mortal Coil & far from shying away from the reference, Liz has instead grabbed on with both hands, creating an album's worth of perfect, left-field pop songs.