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Grup Ses - Alliance (LP)

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Taking snippets from obscure sounds of the past, Turkish artist Grup Ses does not ride on the Anatolian Rock revival/edit wave, but actually manages to create something original and highly listenable. Grup Ses performed in various festivals such as Distortion, Le Guess Who 2012-2014, Milhões de Festa and Off istanbul. "Alliance" is the perfect blend of Hip-hop and bass music with Turkish psych influences.


GSBCB (Feat. Coco Bryce)


Ayran Spill with Gantz


Tektosag Riddim



Boxer & Kemer with Nodul


Intervals with Fulgeance

Büyüleyici part 3

Ses (Feat. Stormtrap Asifeh & Edd Abbas & Kolonel Blip)

Baykuşun Akşamı (Feat. Ethnique Punch)

Re:Gece Geceyi (Feat. Ağaçkakan)

Wane Reinterpretation (Feat. Biblo)

Mega Hafiza (Feat Elektro Hafiz)

Motor (Feat. Da Poet & Elektro Hafiz)

MMH (LPG Remix) by Levni