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GZA/Genius - Dark Matter (CD)
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Record Label: iHipHop

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To call Wu-Tang Clan's GZA a 'genius' is an understatement. Between his lectures on space, science and the universe's origin at the world's top schools including M.I.T., Harvard, New York University and Oxford, and and releasing music in support of NASA missions, GZA has developed lyrical compositions that would perplex even the most brilliant scholar, all whilst earning the endearment of hip hop fans and critics alike. GZA's seminal album Liquid Swords still remains a classic hip hop album as AllMusic concurs, "often acclaimed as the best Wu-Tang solo project of all, Liquid Swords cemented the Genius/ GZA's reputation as the best pure lyricist in the group."

Now, after years of anticipation, GZA is unveiling his most dynamic album to date, Dark Matter. Taking its title from an unidentified form of matter believed to comprise approximately 27% of the observable universe, Dark Matter is a scientific journey into the ever-expanding universe of hip hop, justifying Pitchfork's declaration that GZA is "one of the most creative MCs in the game." Dark Matter has rightfully been declared as one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 by HipHopDX and has already received coverage from a variety of publications including Rolling Stone, Complex, Spin, Fact Mag, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. With GZA's presence in the limelight expanding just as the universe itself, Dark Matter is arguably the most significant album of GZA's career.