Track List

Never Die

Growing Pains Pt 2

Fast Way (Feat. Adrian Lau & Bryant Dope)

Love Is Here

Help Yourself (Feat. Alpsko)

Growing Pains

Chrome (Feat. 21 Quest)

The Return

Alter Ego

Tangerine Dream (Feat. Bub Styles & ARVX)

Diamonds And Drugs (Feat. Bub Styles & ARVX)

Why Do You Love Me


Thrills (Jabee)


Hannibal King - Floral Print (LP)
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Record Label: Vinyl Digital

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Limited Edition of 250 Copies on Black Vinyl!

Following up to the awesome "Flowers For Pamela" release, Hannibal King started grabbing the Mic on his own and the result is another beautiful Album called "Floral Print"