Track List

Another Dream

Just Words


The Way

More Than Livin'

U Won't Be

The Trade


Seldom Out

Rest & Dress (Remix)

One Touch

My Small World (1 For Weeks)

Mad Smoothness

Lost In Space

Fire Starter

S.O.L.I.D. Pt.1

Ground Water

Pure D

Out Of Sync


Poison Ivy

'96 Monumental

The Secret Of Teleportation

Year Of The Snake

Has-Lo - Deep Reading (Cassette)
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Record Label: Box In Hand

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A collection of unreleased instrumentals from various phases of Has-Lo's life and career. Reaching back to pull forward, these vault instrumentals serve as a time capsule. A root vein from which other styles and musical directions in Lo's catalog have emerged. This limited edition cassette comes in a translucent red shell with 4-panel full color J-card. Perfect for freestyle sessions, walks, car rides, or putting that yard sale boom box you just picked up through its paces.