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Damn Girl

Jawn Cage

Flag Shopping

Pop Song (Games)

Home (feat. Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange)

Hubba Hubba Hima

Al Q8A

Suicide By Cop

Patriot Act

Heems - Eat Pray Thug (LP - Gatefold)
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Record Label: Megaforce Records

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When ground-breaking hip-hop group Das Racist emerged on the scene in 2011, the music world was stunned by their originality and potential. However, the project was short-lived and following their now classic Relax album (and two amazing mixtapes) the celebrated outfit went on indefinite hiatus.

Now Himanshu Kumar Suri aka Heems, co-founder of Das Racist and their driving member and vocalist, rises from the fray as a hip-hop contender in his own right. Continuing with a socially-conscious ethos, mixed with biting racial commentary and humor, Heems' debut solo album, Eat Pray Thug, is one of 2015's most-anticipated releases of any genre.

“The album is a manifesto about being a young chap, being a brown lad in post-9/11 America. Of how to put your best foot forward as a brown man, as a brown body in a state of affairs where the brown body is consistently policed by Babylon and the white man and the white devil and a system that’s created to put the black and brown body in prison.” - Heems