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House Shoes - Big Shoes Instrumentals (2xLP)

Ships In 1-2 days - Available for In-Store Pick Up

Extremely limited pressing in hand stamped jackets. Big Shoes Instrumentals exclusive to vinyl and CD, no digital release.

“BIG SHOES is all about fitting the shoes that came before you and filling the shoes that will come after you. Taking the best from those who led and teaching those who will follow in your footsteps how to lead.” - House Shoes

Pressed in an extremely limited quantity, these hand stamped instrumental 2XLP's of Big Tone + House Shoes' recent collaborative effort BIG SHOES are now available while supplies last.

The last of the Shoes beats.


High Velocity pt 1 & 2

From My Mouth to Gods Ears

King Shit (feat. Denmark Vessey & MoSel)

Exodus (Fly Away)

No Guest List (feat. Quelle Chris)


8th Day (feat. Ta’Raach & 87)

Most OF Us

Haze (feat. Jimetta Rose)

Beautiful Mind (feat. Blu)

True Story