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House Shoes Presents The Gift: Volume Four - Tuamie (LP)


The Gift is a series DJ House Shoes started to spotlight under the radar producers. Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Time for another gift y'all...

Knx hipped me to Tuamie about 6 months ago.

I was floored.

This kid got some shit.

Three songs on The Gift Vol IV come from MASTA KILLA, a dope tape that was released a few months back on Grand Garden Records.


- Shoes


No Imitations

Feed Em GunPowder

The More Weed Smoke I Puff

Call The Coroner

Cran-grape Juice


Latina Nina

High Eyes

199993 (Bonus)

Alotta Slow Singing

If My Burgular Alarm Starts Ringing


Look At It

No More Chips

Who The Fuck Is Paging Me At 5

Hold On


Reoccuring Feeling of Loneliness

SimpleNClean (Bonus)