Track List

Fly Crystal

Guide (Don’t Panic)

Discovery (Wind Cycle Map)


Bottom Out (Nope)

Real Live (Bones)

Work (No Shit)

Tell Ya

Ow! (Bonus)

Renegade (The Jackal)

Nature Joints

The Hoof

Birdy Rhythm

High Yellow

That Nice Sweater

Eternal Lee

La La Bumper

By My Damn Self (Bonus)

House Shoes Presents The Gift: Volume Five - T-White (LP - White Vinyl)
Free Gift

Record Label: Street Corner Music

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The Gift is a series DJ House Shoes started to spotlight under the radar producers. Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Meet T-White.

Last spring I met T-White in Chicago thru my homies Denmark and Scud. Sooner than later the folders started coming thru. And now we got another one. The kid is super nice with his.