Track List

Young Flowers

Nowhere to Go

Baked Out





I’m Not A Star (Bonus)

Sad Rain

Shock Of Your Life


Pump Yo’ Brakes

Crack Babies


Low End

Undying (Bonus)

House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Nine - Denmark Vessey (Cassette)
Free Gift

Record Label: Street Corner Music

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Limited, Cassette Store Day exclusive run of tapes, highlighting House Shoes' celebrated "The Gift" series, featuring bonus, previously unreleased tracks.

The Gift is a series DJ House Shoes started to spotlight under the radar producers.

For the past few years, young Denmark Vessey has been releasing a series of albums, both as a leader of various groups and as a sideman in various others, which definitely mark him as one of the most exciting young players in music.

Vessey’s last album prior to this (2013’s Cult Classic) employed Scud One for the rhythm section. Vessey, in his own playing suggest that he may be forging a link between the new mainstream and prior innovations.

It is to Vessey’s credit that this album achieves a surprising degree of unity. There is little of the haphazard feeling that too often arrends blowing sessions by pick-up bands. It would be easier to mistake this for a group which works regularly. Part of that is simply because Vessey is a part of the new mainstream, the part that is seeking beyond the accepted common language to find ways of extending it. The rest is because of Vessey’s unusual talent.