Track List

The Hunter

I’m Black

Soul Queen

Give It Up

The Melody

Run This Space

Slick & Sly (Vinyl Exclusive)

The Rain



Boss Shit

Gaturstag (Vinyl Exclusive)

The Hunted

Cruise Control

Angel Dust

Game Time (Vinyl Exclusive)

Belle Isle Bathroom

Tandoori Chicken

Beat Rox

Through It All

Be Afraid


Message Recieved


Soulsmooth (Vinyl Exclusive)

House Shoes Presents The Gift: Volume Six - Cream Of Beats (LP)
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Record Label: Street Corner Music

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The Gift is a series DJ House Shoes started to spotlight under the radar producers. Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies.

The Gift, Vol. 6 is Cream Of Beats’ first celebration of the blues heritage for the Street Corner Music label. Cream Of Beats plays a very basic style of jazz, a genre that has gone largely untouched by post-Bop advances (at least not by many beyond those of Horace Silver and the early Sonny Rollins) and which is informed almost exclusively technically and inspirationally by the essential sources: gospel and the blues. The scope and breadth of its expression is restricted pretty much to the experiences and emotions which these sources are about. On this basis, and by the standards of 2015, it is probably valid to call Cream Of Beats’ blaps “primitive”. But this is not meant to imply a derogation of either the music or the man who is making it, rather it is intended to define both in their relationship to other contemporary jazz forms and contemporary beat culture artists.

‘Alive’ is a word that could be accurately applied to the whole album; the conditions out of which these musicians have come are hardly conducive to anything but the opposite of that word, but Cream Of Beats and the others have discovered in their music where the life is.