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How To Dress Well - The Anteroom (2xLP)

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Co-produced by Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin, Airbird), The Anteroom, the fifth long-player from Tom Krell’s How To Dress Well workshop, plays as a single continuous piece of 21st century psychedelic music and features his most bewitching sound experimentation to date. Moreover, the stories Krell sings on this record – some biographical, many from the most knotted corners of human life – are deeply personal and human(e).

The Anteroom - with its blizzardous electronic noise, fragile melodies and poignant poetry - reclaims the experimental core of the HTDW project.

Humans Disguised as Animals

Body Fat

False Skull 7

Nonkilling 3

Vacant Boat

Nonkilling 13

A Memory, The Spinning of a Body

Nonkilling 6

July 13 No Hope No Pain

Love Means Taking Action

Brutal (feat. Ocean Vuong)

False Skull 12