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Husker Du - Zen Arcade (2xLP)

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Once-Underground 1984 Masterpiece Merges Pop Melodies With Raw Punk Energy!

Husker Du really hit its stride on this sprawling 1984 release. Zen Arcade established the band as one of the leading lights on the American indie scene. The 23 songs are loosely linked to a narrative structure about a young man who leaves home, only to discover the world to be as oppressive and full of hypocrisy as home life had been. The songs show a marked increase in variety and continue to serve as a blueprint for modern rock, punk, and pop bands.

Something I Learned Today

Broken Home, Broken Heart

Never Talking To You Again

Chartered Trips

Dreams Reoccurring

Indecision Time

Hare Krsna

Beyond The Threshold


I'll Never Forget You

The Biggest Lie

What's Going On

Masochism World

Standing By The Sea


One Step At A Time

Pink Turns To Blue

Newest Industry

Monday Will Never Be The Same


The Tooth Fairy And The Princess

Turn On The News

Reoccurring Dreams