Track List

Trailer (Intro)

Make Them Die Slowly

Omar Suarez

Feed Of The Morning

Getcha Shit Together

Embrace Your Satan


Manson Vs. Berkowitz

Clockwork Burgundy

The Cycle

Spumoni Gardens

The Hard Way

ILL BILL - Septagram (LP - Test Pressing)
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Record Label: Uncle Howie Records

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Limited to fifteen numbered hand-stamped test pressings.

New full-length album from veteran MC ILL BILL, including production from MoSS, DJ Skizz, ILL BILL and features from Slaine, Goretex, Q-Unique and more.

ILL BILL released solo projects as well as albums with his groups Non Phixion and La Coka Nostra.

"I'm a huge exploitation and grindhouse cinema fan...I made "Septagram" in the same spirit as those obscure and cultish movies me and my brothers used to watch when we were kids. That mid-70s - mid 80s times square double feature scumbag shit." - ILL BILL