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wowflower - balloons

Foisey - Byrds

Street Corner Music - "Illest In Connecticut" Bundle (2LP)
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Record Label: Street Corner Music

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Release Date: 7/28/17
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Grab the latest LP drops from Street Corner Music, the House Shoes-approved debut LPs from two of Connecticut's very illest producers, at a discounted price.

wowflower - balloons (LP)
"While preparing for my radio show about a year ago, I put a kite out to the kids that I was looking for some heat to play. This kid sent me a 20 second clip of a work in progress. It was sublime. He kept sending beats per my request. It was exciting how consistently good the shit was. Blissful, downtempo escapism. His production took me somewhere else, in a time where a retreat from the increasingly stressful day to day is more than welcomed. That first track he sent, "Huey", starts off Balloons, Wowflower's debut LP on Street Corner Music, just as it started the dialogue between the two of us. The Street Corner faithfuls will not be disappointed. This shit is fantastic."

-House Shoes

Foisey - Byrds (LP)
"Foisey's music got into my hands thru Mutant Academy. I became aware of these RVA kids last year and told them to send a pack. What initially stood out was the beats from Foisey, a young cat from Connecticut. He kept sending packs and I put together a dope collection of his instrumentals. Laid back vibes with a punch. You won't be disappointed.