Track List

Turn It On Again


Inside the Shadows



Do Survive

Luxury of Regret

Riding Cars (Talking Trash)

Vast Division

Calling, Calling

the Keys

Lovely Rita

Indian Jewelry - Doing Easy (LP - Gold Vinyl)
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Record Label: Reverberation Appreciation Society

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Texas duo Indian Jewelry have been a staple of psych and noise scene for nearly a decade. Their eighth album, Doing Easy is music made with the lightest touch possible even when handling vicious topics. For Indian Jewelry, every nuance of composition is important, crafted; but like all successful structures, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Doing Easy feels like a career defining statement for a band always getting their hands dirty but never breaking a sweat. The profanity of hard work carried in on a sacred breeze. But that's never really been a problem for Indian Jewelry. Exposing the struts, foolproofing the chi, and greasing the strings: Indian Jewelry want to change your brain.