Track List

Warm Currents

Feel This

Numbers & Letters feat. Rome Supreme

Ya Momma So Black

Microphone Stamina feat. Ekundayo

Got Me Thinking

The Seven Sees

Kings Just Rule

J-Live - How Much Is Water? (CD)
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Record Label: Mortier Music

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"Wise words are like water. Crystal clear and essential for life. Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche.

J-Live’s twelfth studio album, “How Much Is Water?” challenges listeners to consider how much music is worth in today’s landscape. J-live experiments with various modern styles of production and enlists double time rhyme schemes that he hasn’t incorporated since the days of the classic single “Them That’s Not” from his debut album “The Best Part”. J-Live maintains the balance with his signature boom-bap ethic, jazzy eclectic samples, and thought-provoking lyrics.