Dynamite Cuts

Jacky Giordano/Francis Personne - Philopsis: 45s Collection (2x7'' - Import)

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Release Date: 9/23/19

A limited edition 7'' release from the Holy Grail library label FREESOUND sells for $485. Philopsis, a massive drum-breaks library of wonderfulness. Jackie Giordano is also a part of this collective of writers` Votes the 3rd best library album on the Shawn Lee and Johnny Trunk DYNAMITE CUTS give you a super fresh loud 45 cuts. Including a reproduction of the original sleeve. ALL tracks are the first time on 45 - don't miss out x500 only

Format: 2x45 vinyl release with full-color sleeve

A Steel Mongoes 2:23
B Magolia 2:50

A Screw On 3:32
B Fluid Man 2:25