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Fever Focus

Someone Else

Avatar Beach

Jacques Greene - Focus (12")
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Record Label: LuckyMe

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Release Date: 12/7/18
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Jacques Greene returns with his first official music since his 2017 debut album Feel Infinite - a record that caught the zeitgeist with numerous accolades and imitators. Fever Focus is a brand new 6 track EP, split over x2 vinyl which sports his best music to date: a fusion of analogue and digital House and Techno with an amped up melodic sensibility. On the lead single, Avatar Beach, we hear shimmering broken trance and early tech house of the late 90s stretched and spun back new brand new electronica. Classic euphoria cut with new technology. Jacques Greene is not a purist. Since 2009 he continues to create unabashedly contemporary, avant garde dance music. Reacting to dance music as an increasingly conservative form, looking to old hardware for its ideas. At 29 years old and 9 years into releasing music, Jacques Greene is more interested in the imagined history of dance music and how the form intersects with contemporary software, fashion, the internet, pop and R&B. On his debut album Feel Infinite he soundtracked the club as a sacred space for youth. Quasi public / quasi private - the club offers us a place to be shut out the world, together. On Fever Focus we step outside into the real world and watch the sunset across an (avatar) beach.