Track List

Hold It - James Brown

Scratch - James Brown

Night Train - James Brown

The Wobble - The Wobblers

Night Flying - James Brown

Just A Little Bit Of Everything - Herb Hardesty

Doin' Everything - Henry Moore

Suds - James Brown

Tonk Game - Hank Marr

Switch-A-Roo - Henry Moore

Bushy Tail - Clifford Scott

Cross Firing - James Brown

James Brown - Night Train (LP - Red Vinyl)
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Release Date: 12/02/2016
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180 Gram Vinyl!

Night Train serves both as a marvellous offering for James Brown completists, and, on another level, as a brilliant on-record instrumental jukebox, full of booting saxes, guitar sounds that practically force you to get up and dance, and all propelled by a beat that's spanned the years without ageing one little bit. So there you have it… a great album that proves what James Brown and his friends were doing at the start of the ‘60s still sounds amazingly fresh.