Track List

Main Title

Bad Dreams

Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror


Combat Drop

The Complex

Atmosphere Station



Sub-Level 3

Ripley's Rescue

Face Huggers

Futile Escape

Newt Is Taken

Going After Newt

The Queen

Bishop's Countdown

Queen To Bishop

Resolution And Hyperspace

Bad Dreams (Alternate) - Bonus Track

Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only) - Bonus Track

LV-426 (Alternate Edit - Film Version) - Bonus Track

Combat Drop (Percussion Only) - Bonus Track

Hyperspace (Alternate Ending) - Bonus Track

James Horner - Aliens: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP - Deluxe Edition - Gatefold + Insert - 180 Gram Vinyl)
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Record Label: Mondo

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The Academy Award-nominated score for Aliens is an appropriate musical companion to this wildly successful sequel. Much like the film, the soundtrack is a departure from the original, but equally beloved. Composer James Horner took the reigns from Jerry Goldsmith and made something his own: blending the suspense and horror that the franchise is known for, with an element of fun that is unique to this entry.

This deluxe edition soundtrack features over a dozen cues that have never before been released on vinyl, including 5 bonus tracks. Commenting on the design, artist Killian Eng said, “I wanted the alien to play a big role but at the same time incorporate its shape into the materials of the space station, almost like it becomes the station itself, keeping the marines in a steady merciless grip.”