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Jason Joshua & The Beholders - Evangeline b/w Little Did I Know (7" - Color Vinyl)

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Release Date: 12/13/2019
The boys are back at it again! Jason Joshua & The Beholders are pulling the strings of your heart with the lovers quarrel soul ballad "Evangeline". From the eerie organ sounds of the Farfisa, to the sweet tremolo-y twang of the guitar, Jason croons in pure desperation of a "Win some, Lose some" verdict in the game of love. Be the first in your neighborhood to play the love piece that will bring tears & mend the hearts of the broken! Also for the first time and not on the upcoming album, The boys bring you the soul-ditto "Little I Know" for all the ladies! Enjoy another healthy dose of Jason Joshua & The Beholders! on Mango Hill Records!


Little Did I Know