Track List

Flying Cabs

Neon Garden

Dang Ole Trip Feat. Chel Strong

Cosmic Girl

Intergalactic Noir

Space Jive Feat. M-Dot

Giger’s Bazaar

Intergalactic Noir (Part 2)

Breathe Fire Feat. J-Crizzy & K8 Marcos

Space Funk

Megacity Skylounge Feat. Concrete Cee

Moon Dance

Lunar Sea

Ice Planet

Wild Garden

Nexus Feat. Concrete Cee, Chel Strong, J-Crizzy, MC Dialect & Quow

Dang Ole Trip (Instrumental)

Space Jive (Instrumental)

Breathe Fire (Instrumental)

Megacity Skylounge (Instrumental)

Nexus (Instrumental)

Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn - A Cosmic Safari (CD)
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Record Label: Cold Busted

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Time to showcase our international bona fides with a collaborative album involving two familiar producers separated by a half-world’s distance: Jenova 7, from Boston, in cahoots with Eddie Shinn, hailing from Ulyanovsk, Russia.Their new album A Cosmic Safari takes this international concept and launches it skyward … the album’s songs take place in an intergalactic sound-space. Beats, funk, and vibes that should make the headz feel at home on any planet. Check it out!